This is always my favourite month of the year and this year has been a particularly fab one!
May day heralded a trip to Laugharne to the first Dylan Weekend which was a feast of poetry and theatre. Highlights were Patrick Jones, Murray Lachlan Young, Rhodri Miles' play Burton, Helen Griffiths as Caitlin Thomas and the NTW production of Raw Material : Llareggub Revisited.
Less than a couple of weeks later, I found myself heart thumping, about to read for the first time at the Berko Speakeasy.
As ever Julie Mayhew picked amazing stories and I was delighted to have to jump from Southern American trailer trash in Raymond Carver's 'Why Honey' to a prim slightly Northern twanged Charlotte Bronte in Carys Davies' Bonnet.
And I got to keep the bonnets ;)
Can't say fairer than that !