What a brilliant night it was!  Since discovering this lovely evening at the Old Fire Station in Oxford, I had been secretly hankering to get back to my first love of live performing, no headphones, no second takes, just the story to be told and the audience.
I was delighted when Sarah Franklin, the curator and creator of this fantastic idea that is Short Stories Aloud, agreed to take me on board!
Lucky me to be given a beautifully creepy story called The Octopus Nest, written by Sophie Hannah, author of Little Face and The Orphan Choir ( part of the specially commissioned Hammer series ). It is a corker of a tale and can be found in her debut collection of short stories , The Fantastic Book of Everybody's Secrets, published by Sort Of books and distributed by Penguin.
Suffice it to say, the twist in the tale was a stunner! I loved every minute and the audience were so warmly appreciative.
what more could a girl ask for ?!
Can't wait to do it again   :-)