A stunning autumn morning and I'm nose deep in Dylan Thomas poems and stories preparing for the Dylathon at the Swansea Grand and the Do Not Go Gentle Festival , both on the weekend of 24th October !
Cliched though it may be to say, this really is a dream come true to be taking part in the celebrations for the Dylan Thomas Centenary in his hometown. I've been trying to imagine what it will feel like reading his stories in the house he was born in and which I first visited last year.
I remember sitting in his tiny bedroom where he wrote so much of his earlier work, chatting to Geoff Hayden the curator of Dylan Thomas Birthplace, drinking in the atmosphere.
Since then, I have fantasized about being part of this year's centenary celebrations and lo and behold, the heavens have delivered my dream.
Call me sentimental by all means, but this particular Welsh girl will be back home where she belongs, loving the words.
Diolch yn fawr Dylan !