Dylan Thomas Centenary

October 10, 2014
A stunning autumn morning and I'm nose deep in Dylan Thomas poems and stories preparing for the Dylathon at the Swansea Grand and the Do Not Go Gentle Festival , both on the weekend of 24th October !
Cliched though it may be to say, this really is a dream come true to be taking part in the celebrations for the Dylan Thomas Centenary in his hometown. I've been trying to imagine what it will feel like reading his stories in the house he was born in and which I first visited last year.
I remember sitting in his tiny bedroom where he wrote so much of his earlier work, chatting to Geoff Hayden the curator of Dylan Thomas Birthplace, drinking in the atmosphere.
Since then, I have fantasized about being part of this year's centenary celebrations and lo and behold, the heavens have delivered my dream.
Call me sentimental by all means, but this particular Welsh girl will be back home where she belongs, loving the words.
Diolch yn fawr Dylan !

The merry month of May

May 22, 2014
This is always my favourite month of the year and this year has been a particularly fab one!
May day heralded a trip to Laugharne to the first Dylan Weekend which was a feast of poetry and theatre. Highlights were Patrick Jones, Murray Lachlan Young, Rhodri Miles' play Burton, Helen Griffiths as Caitlin Thomas and the NTW production of Raw Material : Llareggub Revisited.
Less than a couple of weeks later, I found myself heart thumping, about to read for the first time at the Berko Speakeasy.
As ...
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SPRINGTIME at last !

March 26, 2014
Along with the flowers bringing long awaited colour to my garden, I am poking my head out of hibernation and looking forward to a fruitful rest of the year. 
Energy seems to rise just like sap in the trees and I have a number of plans being hatched which I look forward to sharing when they have completely materialised!
In the meantime I am thoroughly looking forward to a radio drama workshop with Cherry Cookson at Wireless Theatre on the 28th March, this Friday and then will be reading at the n...
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Short Stories Aloud May 28th

June 4, 2013
What a brilliant night it was!  Since discovering this lovely evening at the Old Fire Station in Oxford, I had been secretly hankering to get back to my first love of live performing, no headphones, no second takes, just the story to be told and the audience.
I was delighted when Sarah Franklin, the curator and creator of this fantastic idea that is Short Stories Aloud, agreed to take me on board!
Lucky me to be given a beautifully creepy story called The Octopus Nest, written by Sophie Hannah,...
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Rubbish blogger

May 18, 2013
Well it's been awhile and I must confess to being a bit rubbish at this blogging lark!
I will put it down to hibernation I think.
Along with the crawling onset of spring,  things are beginning to bloom and get busy.
It's been lovely working for Discovery UK again, so thanks to Clarissa Caleo-Green and Elaina Ifill for finding me on Twitter!
I'm also thoroughly excited to be reading one of Sophie Hannah's short stories for Short Stories Aloud at the Old Fire Station in Oxford on May 28th.. will pu...
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What to do on a rainy day!!

November 12, 2012
As the days draw in and the light gets dimmer, I find myself drawn to the ancient art of storytelling.
I imagine those days when we would all huddle around the fire for warmth and share tales, tall or small.
I'm currently working on adapting some old Welsh tales for my friend and creative partner Lynne D Jones.
The stories were originally written by her father who is now sadly deteriorating with Alzheimer's disease and so with some greater sense of urgency, I hope to complete them before the end...
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Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson

September 23, 2012
Latest offering narrated by me on YouTube !


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May 2, 2012

It's the last in the series next week so don't forget to tune in to BBC4 on Tuesday 8th May at 10pm.
Ancient Apocalypse is a 4 part series I narrated which looks at the reasons behind the collapse of ancient civilisations.
It was a fascinating series to work on with plenty of gruesome and unexpected discoveries along the way!
The final episode ends on a dramatic note, exploring the lost cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, so you can expect theories of suitably biblical proportions..
The first three epi...

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